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Ed’s Recycling

Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Waste Management

Welcome to Ed’s Recycling, where we redefine commercial waste management in Clovis and West Texas through tailored solutions and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our comprehensive business waste management services cater to businesses of all sizes, offering a range of roll-off containers designed to meet the diverse needs of metal recycling and other waste disposal requirements.

Our range of container sizes ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your specific business requirements. We understand the importance of timely waste removal for businesses. Our team is committed to providing reliable and punctual services, ensuring that your waste management stays on schedule. Beyond traditional waste disposal, we specialize in recycling and offer 20-yard containers for your recycling needs. Join us in contributing to a sustainable future by responsibly handling recycling waste!

Compact yet efficient, our 10-yard containers are perfect for businesses generating moderate waste volumes. Ideal for smaller projects or periodic cleanups, these containers provide a versatile solution for effective waste management.


Strike the right balance between size and capacity with our 20-yard containers. Suited for medium-sized businesses or projects, these containers offer ample space for efficient waste disposal without compromising on maneuverability and can be used for both traditional waste as well as recycling.

When your waste volume demands a larger solution, our 30-yard containers step up to the task. Perfect for sizable projects or ongoing waste management needs, these containers provide the capacity you require with ease of use.

For businesses with substantial waste generation, our 40-yard containers offer the maximum capacity and efficiency. These containers are well-suited for large-scale projects, construction sites, or businesses with continuous and sizable waste disposal needs.

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